There are a few ways to know when your Subaru Forester, Impreza, or Outback needs new brakes. The best way to tell is by using your ears and simply listening to them as you push down on the brake pedal. Do they squeal? Squeak? Grind? These sounds could be a sign that it's time for new brakes. If you suspect your Subaru SUV or car needs new brakes, be sure to schedule a service appointment online.

Brake Maintenance at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru

Once you have new brakes, how do you care for them? The best way is to avoid heavy braking. It seems simple enough, but heavy New York traffic can make this tip challenging. That's why we also recommend getting your brakes checked at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru once every six months.

Brake rotors last close to 75,000 miles. They're denser than brake pads, which last about 30,000 to 50,000 miles. A brake repair at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru takes anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the Subaru model, year, and condition of your Subaru model.

Pickup, Delivery, & Contact Free Options at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru

Whether you need brake maintenance, your battery checked, or tires rotated, we can handle any auto repair at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru. If you need new brakes but don't have time to wait at the dealership, why not try out Pickup, Delivery, & Contact Free service options? If you live in Orangeburg, New City, Spring Valley, Suffern, Nyack, or the surrounding areas, you can take advantage of this time-saving service.

We pick up your Subaru Ascent, Impreza, or Forester and take it back to the local Subaru service center. We'll service it, clean it, and drive it right back to your driveway. Whether you work from home, live a busy life, or just want to catch up on the new series, you can take advantage of this service. To learn more about Pickup, Delivery, & Contact Free options, contact the Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru Service Center.

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