A tire replacement at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru can take anywhere from 45 minutes to upwards of 90 minutes. The Subaru technician needs roughly 10 to 20 minutes to replace each tire.

If you have other services scheduled at the same time, including a wheel alignment or battery check, you can expect the appointment to take longer. You can easily schedule a service appointment online for multiple services.

If you have a busy schedule and live in Orangeburg, New City, Spring Valley, Suffern, Nyack, or the surrounding areas, we have a special service for you. We offer Pickup, Delivery, & Contact Free service options. Essentially, we pick up your vehicle, take it back to the shop, perform service, and then bring the Subaru back to your driveway. Don't hesitate to reach out to our New York Subaru service center if you're interested in using this service!

Tire Maintenace for Your Subaru Car or SUV

Now that you have a fresh set of four new tires, it's time to care for them. Luckily, you can leave most of the tire maintenance up to us.

We recommend inspecting them occasionally, perhaps while you're pumping fuel at the gas station. Be sure to keep an eye on the tread, tire pressure, and outer wall. You'll know you need new tires on your Subaru car or SUV when the tread is approaching 2/32" and the outer wall looks worn.

Commonly Asked Tire Maintenance Questions

How often do I need new tires?

Generally, a set of tires can last up to five or six years. You can also find the Subaru tire's expiration date on the outer wall.

How often should I have my tires checked and rotated?

You should have your tires checked and rotated every six months at our Subaru service center.

How much do new tires cost?

A new tire can cost anywhere from $80 to upwards of $200. If you'd like a closer estimate, don't hesitate to call our parts department at (845) 398-6323.

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