A quick glance at your vehicle's routine maintenance schedule will reveal that oil changes are among the most common services on the list. So, you're probably wondering how to take care of those and what it's going to cost. Luckily, oil changes are a cinch for our team of experts here at our Subaru service center serving Orangeburg and New City, so you don't have to stress. Our friendly Subaru pros are here to help!

How much does an oil change cost?

The cost of an oil change can vary depending on a few factors. For example, the type of oil you use can affect how much the oil change service itself costs. So, the price tag can change if your car uses conventional oil, synthetic oil, or a synthetic blend. If you're curious about what your car needs and what it'll cost you, you can always contact us at our service center. We'll be happy to answer questions and give you more specific pricing information.

Naturally, one of the other perks of servicing your car at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru is that you can always find opportunities to save on service near Spring Valley and Suffern. We offer a rotating selection of Subaru service coupons to help you save on much-needed service items like oil changes!

Why does my car need oil changes?

The secret to long life for your engine is regular oil changes. Your engine is made up of fast-moving metal parts that need oil to keep them lubricated. Without proper lubrication, they can wear down quickly and overheat, which can negatively impact your car's efficiency and leave you more likely to need pricey engine repairs.

Where can I schedule an oil change?

Schedule and save on oil changes right here at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru near Nyack. We look forward to serving you!

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