Are you ready to schedule a Subaru tire rotation near Orangeburg? If so, the service team at Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru can help. Suffern drivers often wonder what exactly is included with one of our tire rotation services. We are here to explain tire rotations in more detail and let you know what our certified Subaru technicians do during the process.

What’s Included in Subaru Tire Rotations Near New City?

When your Subaru Crosstrek receives a tire rotation, it starts with our technicians altering the position of your tires. Simply put, our certified technicians will move your tires from one wheel to another. This could be from left to right, front to back, or even diagonally. If you do not keep up with regular tire rotations, your vehicle may have uneven wear and poor handling.

Our specialists will also check and adjust the air pressure if needed. When the tires are off, they will perform a visual brake check and ensure all components are working properly.

Visit Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru Near Spring Valley for Your Next Tire Rotation

Our neighbors throughout Nyack know to visit the Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru service department for tire services and rotations. Remember, our technicians can help you out with any tire-related services. When you are ready to schedule an appointment with our team, please give us a call or schedule your next appointment online. After, you will receive a confirmation that includes the details of your appointment.

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