Yes, Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru is proud to offer specials on car batteries. The next time your Subaru Crosstrek or Legacy has a weak battery, bring your vehicle down to our on-site service department. Drivers throughout Orangeburg and New City have been trusting us with battery maintenance for years. The simplest way to stay up to date with our monthly specials is by bookmarking our specials page. These offers can help you save money on your next battery purchase or appointment.

Get the Most Out of Your Car Battery

There are some preventative measures that can help you get the most out of your vehicle’s battery. For starters, try to avoid leaving interior or exterior lights on when the engine is not running. Every so often, it’s a good idea to pop the hood of your vehicle. This way, you can make sure there is no rust or corrosion on the battery. These two easy tasks can help prolong the life of your car’s battery.

Schedule Your Battery Service Appointment Online

Do you want to make sure your battery is installed correctly? Our certified Subaru technicians are here to install your new car battery for you. Please feel free to schedule your next service appointment through our website or by calling our team.

Visit Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru to Purchase Your Next Car Battery

Not only does Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru offer specials for batteries, but we also have coupons for a variety of other auto parts and services. If you have questions about our battery specials, we’re here to answer them for you. We want to help our Spring Valley, Suffern, and Nyack drivers to save money on their auto service needs.

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