Find a Long-Lasting New Subaru Impreza Here in Orangeburg, NY

Finding the perfect new 2018 Subaru Impreza that's fun to drive and loaded with features is certainly going to excite you right away. But the real key with a car like the new Impreza is how long it's going to continue to impress you. Press play for this touching commercial that highlights the durability and long-lasting nature of the new Impreza, then visit our Orangeburg, NY Subaru dealership today to get started.

As our most efficient offering among the new Subaru models found here in Orangeburg, the new Impreza is perfect for the young driver in your family, or for daily commuting. Combining that level of efficiency with standard AWD - a feature usually not even offered in other small cars - makes the Impreza a great choice for your travels here in the Nyack area.

See more of the new Impreza by visiting Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru today and we'll gladly take you for a test drive.

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