Simoniz Glass Coat Car Protection

Now that you have purchased your New or Used Subaru it would be a good investment to look into Simoniz Glass Coat, to keep you car looking fresh and new all the time! We offer Simoniz for our New & Used Vehicles! When you purchase a New Subaru and Simoniz Glasscoat, Simoniz the guarantee is for 7 years on New vehicles. Do you know how many waxing that eliminates? Keep your car looking NEW with Simoniz Glass Coat!  Also you can check out Simoniz Glass Coat featured on the show Modern Marvels from the History Channel showing just how GREAT Simoniz really is!!

If you weren't told about how great Simoniz Glass Coat is when you where speaking to our F&I or Sales Team please contact us below using the form to inquire on having Simoniz Glass Coat application on your New or Used Subaru! Keep that NEW CAR SHINE!!!

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